Natural Lotions & Nourishing Body Oils made with Organic ingredients

Highest quality Natural Lotions, Creams, and Nourishing Body oils, made with Organic ingredients. Spoil yourself with my custom blended lotions made specifically for you.  Always freshly hand mixed & shipped directly to you. Limiting skin and hair exposure to synthetic and chemical type ingredients (traditionally found in commercially made products) is one way to positively improve over all well-being. Sugar'd B Goodies products are based on this thought. By choosing natural, plant based and organic ingredients for skin care, hair care, and in our homes; we are choosing to limit our daily exposure. Our world is full of exposure to harsh chemicals and contaminates directly and indirectly. Making the choice to limit daily exposure by using Sugar'd B Goodies natural and organic products is one way to limit daily exposure and treat yourself to luxurious products at fair prices. Fall in love with your skin and hair using Sugar'd B Goodies full line of natural and organic ingredient products. I know I have!