Home Diffusers & Oil Concentrates

Wonderful personal diffuser options and Hand Blown Glass Ultrasonic Diffusers for the home or office. Too many  Essential & Pure Fragrance Oil concentrates to choose from! Our world is full of exposure to harsh chemicals and contaminates directly and indirectly. Making the choice to limit daily exposure by using Sugar'd B Goodies natural essential oils and pure fragrance oil concentrates is one way to limit daily exposure and treat yourself to luxurious products at fair prices. Fall in love with using Sugar'd B Goodies in your home, car, office or wherever you go. Pure fragrance oils and Essential Oils used by Sugar'd B Goodies are straight from one of the largest distributors in North America. We skip the middle man and the price increases associated with natural ingredient retail.  Sugar'd B Goodies does not dilute them or add harsh fillers. Traditionally fragrance oils are diluted or "watered down" with cheap synthetic components to increase volume before being sold. Sugar'd B Goodies takes pride in NOT adding anything to its pure fragrance concentrates. We do not believe in diluting or stretching them to make a profit. Our pure fragrance concentrates and Essential oils are undiluted and free of additives. You choose how much or how little scent to diffuse. No more over whelming perfumy plug-ins, sprays, or car trees. Love the smell of your space again with peace of mind.

Please research the therapeutic benefits and uses of diffusers. They are wonderful. Due to regulations I can not claim anything about their aid in health and healing. However you can research the many uses and benefits yourself. I encourage everyone to do so. I love using my diffusers for more than just making the house smell good. You can too!