Natural Laundry & Smell Goods

Choose from  Variety of products made from natural and organic ingredients. Plant based Laundry Wash that is sure to amaze! Say No to detergents and chemicals building up in your clothing, machines, and local water supplies. Natural plant based alternatives are a way to limit chemical exposure in our daily lives. We wash and wear our clothes, sleep in sheets & blankets, use towels (the list goes on and on) AND whatever they were washed in. We usually don't think about wearing what our clothes are washed in. Traditional detergents leave residue in clothing, sheets, blankets, towels ect. We absorb those things through our skin and expose ourselves all day to whatever is contained in them.....I choose plant & natural ingredient whenever I can. I have peace of mind about limiting our skin exposure to harsh detergents and chemicals. I also love that I am not contributing detergents and chemicals to the local water systems. This way of looking at what we put on our skin is the basis for all of Sugar'd B Goodies. Limiting our skin and hair exposure to chemicals can only help our overall well-being. Simply put....We live in a world full of chemicals and exposure (direct and indirect); choosing natural and organic ingredients is the best way to limit your personal exposure. I choose LESS exposure and personally have seen a difference in my well-being & over all health.