Quit Buggin Me Line

Enjoy the outdoors without the Buggers. Quit Buggin me is an All Natural proprietary blend of Essential Oils that smells great to us and not so much to many outdoor buggers. Exclusively used by the hunters and fishermen in this family. I developed the Quit Buggin Me Spray for my family and dogs. Prior to using my All Natural spray, we relied on chemical type sprays. Not only were they stinky, full of chemicals and bad for the environment, they made me sick every time I used them. We found that the traditional sprays ruined equipment and gear due to the harsh chemical content (I presume). After developing my All Natural spray we found that it can be used to spray gear, tents, chairs, clothing, pets, kids, and husbands without worrying about ruining gear or the environment. We have yet to find a single tick on our dogs or ourselves since using this spray. It has been about 5 years since we made the switch and we haven't looked back. Bugger free, all natural, used by the whole family, even the hunters (they are pretty picky) I will call that a keeper!